Equipment List  機材リスト(一般向き)

HDW F900/3 and HDW 730S High Definition units, with down-convertor cards (12 units)
SRW 9000 HDCAM SR one-piece camcorder (arriving June 2010). Also Arri Alexa.
XDCAM HD PDW 700, EX3, PDW 530P and EX1 with underwater housing

HDV : HVR S270 and HVR Z7P with interchangeable lenses (using Fujinon ACM 17 adaptor)

HDV cameras: HDR-FX1E, FX7, Z5, HVR-Z1 and HC9E with underwater housing.

Digital still cameras:  Canon EOS 5D Mk2, EOS 7D, range of Canon lenses
Nikon D300, D4, 600 f/4, 300 f/2.8, 80-200 f/2.8, 2x, 1.4x, 20 mm, 60 mm Macro, etc.
2) DVC Pro HD: Panasonic AJ-HDC27 Varicam, HVX200 NTSC P2, HVX 202 PAL P2 and AG-HPX 172.
3) DVCAM/DV: Sony DSR 500WSP, DSR 570WSP, DSR 450WSP
Canon XL1E, XL1S, XL1H and XM1, Canon XL1H (and Canon 3x wide angle for XL1) 
Sony PD 150P / PD170 PAL and NTSC
4) Beta SP : Sony D50P/BVV5P, Sony BVW 400AP PAL & NTSC
5) Digital Betacam: Sony DVW 700WSP / 790WSP

1) HDCAM: J-H1, J-H3, HDW S280 and HDW M2000 Cine Alta recorders: play and record PAL, NTSC and 24 fps
2) Digital Betacam: Sony DVW A500P / 500P 
3) DVCAM/DV: Sony DSR 11 - PAL / NTSC recording, Sony DSR 45P / 1800P / 80P
4) Umatic SP: High Band VO 9800 / 9850 
5) Betacam SP: Sony PVW 2600P, 2800P, BVW 60P / 65P / 75P
6) IMX: Play back NTSC & PAL in Beta SP, Digi Beta, Beta SX and IMX formats
7) DVC Pro: Panasonic AJ-D 455/450/650 edit recorders and AJ-D92 DVC Pro 50 NTSC recorder
8) HDV: HVR 1500 (with HD SDI up-conversion), HVR M15P and HVR M10U

Canon HJ14 X 4.3 IRSE super wide, HJ11, J11 X 4.5WRS, J11 IRS, J9X5.2 WRS, YJ12X6.5, Fujinon HA13 wide angle
Canon HJ22B IASE, HJ21 X 7.8, Fujinon HA22 and the new HA23!
Canon HJ40 X 14 (the longest portable lens in the world)
Canon MS210D, SS41 and MS15 zoom and focus remotes

Vinten 22SD and Vision 10/12, Sachtler Video 18 and 20 
Manfrotto 510 tripods, dollies and spreaders, Miller DS60 heavy-duty HD tripod

Tascam DAP1 and Sony TCD D10 Pro II portable DAT recorders, Time Code DAT DA 60 
Shure FP 42, M367, Sound Devices 302 and SQN 2S and 4S field audio mixers 
Sennheiser MKH 416 P48 shotgun mics, with Rycotes and boom rods 
Sony 9" battery-operated, 14" BVM HD, SDI monitors, Marshall HD-SDI monitors 8.60" and 21"
Sony MXP 290 and Yamaha audio mixers
Sony switchers: DFS 500 / 700 and Grass Valley GVG 110CV 
Sony edit controllers: BVE 2000, RM 450, PVE 500 
Shure and Sennheiser 500 Series lapel and handheld UHF cordless microphones (24 frequencies) 
Infrared night-vision camera & button-concealed cordless audio-video Spycam
Sony Flycam/Cigarcam with digital recorders, and 8 miniature cameras - Sony XC 999P & Elmo.
800 Tiffen and Formatt filters (4X4, 4X5.6 and 6X6) and Chrosziel, Vocas and Genus matte boxes 
Portakit Lowell like kit with 2 lighting heads, stands and umbrellas (1 KV each). 
Shadowcaster lighting kit - 3 lighting heads with stands - 100 to 500W. 
Babies  1KV and Solar 2 KV lights, with stands and barndoors 
Rosco lighting filters/gels/lighting pads
Sachtler Reporter lights of 30W, 100W, 300W and 600W

Other services:
Roaming cell phones and connections (ローミング携帯電話と接続機器)
Satellite phones, on Inmarsat Mini M terminals (衛星携帯電話、インマルサットミニターミナル)
Tapestock - all formats available in stock 24 hours a day / 365 days a year(テープの保管)
Solar battery charger and UPS set, for use out-of-doors, to provide up to 100W of power. (ソーラーバッテリーとUPSセット)
Underwater housings for Sony EX1 and HC9 - Ewamarine and Sony. (Sony EX1とHC9の水中ハウジング)
Crew transport right across the country(国内の交通手段): cars, sedans, buses, vans, plane charters, etc.
Helicopter hire services, with qualified Swiss pilots, for filming anywhere in India, or use(ヘリコプターによる空撮)
our special 'choppercam' camera with 3, 6, 8 and 12 mm lenses.
Engineering department, with full repair services and spare parts, for all broadcast gear (エンジニアリング部門では機器の修理ができます)
Stock footage library,
Field production generator power (発電機)
Our digital imaging lab provides high resolution drum-scan quality 4000 dpi scanning, on various Nikon (4000dpiデジタルスキャンが可能なドラムスキャンがあります)
Coolscans, with Digital Ice technology, to 'remove' scratches and fungus from older slides. 
Broadband bandwidth on demand, and VSAT's for sending footage and content. 
CD-writers, Video CD-writers and DVD-writers, and transfers/duplication from all video formats.(ビデオフォーマットからCD,DVDへの変換可能)
Non-linear editing, based around dual-processor Apple G5 Powermacs running FCP HD
Mac G4 Titanium Powerbook and IBM laptops, for use during your shoots, or for non-linear editing 
Production department, for wildlife, environment and Himalayan features